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The Lucky Bastard Club Retro Mug

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Classic in style, but functional for the outdoors or modern home kitchen. What truly distinguishes this 10 oz. enamel mug is the silver curved rim. 



Enamel products can be traced back to the early 19th century. Back then, people mainly used enamel tableware to cook and bake. However, due to the complex craftsmanship of enamel - mass produced ceramics slowly became more popular. 

Shaving MugEnamel products are light but durable. Combining nostalgic style with trendy design, they are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. No chemical product that can contaminate food is used during the production process, which makes enamel tableware so great to keep delicious food or drink. The enamel coating is healthy enough after the 800 ℃ high-temperature burning. Anti-alkali and acid proof makes the enamel ideal storage containers. Widely used in tableware products and cooking utensils.

Due to the complex pure handmade craftsmanship, slight bulges, potholes are unavoidable. Indeed, It's just the imperfection or blemish that makes enamel products so unique. 



• No lingering taste or smell

• 100% recyclable

• Smooth and wear-resisting surface, easy to clean

• Anti-alkali and acid proof


Due to the handcrafted limitation and enamelware characteristics, certain anomalies may typical of vintage enamel mugs may be present.



Due to the handcrafted limitation and enamelware characteristics certain anomalies may typical of vintage enamel mugs may be present.


HistoryGear Gift Enamel Retro MugsMAINTENANCE

• Hand washing is recommended. Dishwasher cleaning may rough the surface of the enamel product. Hand washing can ensure smooth and bright surface for many years. If you must use a dishwasher, please use the high temperature and less detergent.

• For the remaining food traces, please make sure to cool the mug and then put it into water for a little while, you’ll find that they are easily removed with a sponge.

• Do not use hard objects or coarse particle containing cleanser to clean the Enamel products! Hard brush, steel wire cleaning ball should be avoided.

• Enamel products must be handled with care.



A Lucky bastard was any man who went on a mission and survived, which he then was deemed lucky. A World War Two bomber crew's life expectancy was fifteen missions. At the beginning of the war, twenty-five missions was considered a full tour of duty.
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