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High-Fidelity Retro Card Set

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Each set contains six fine cards (5" x 7") printed on a quality matte acid free card (60lb 229gsm) with a smooth, elegant surface. Perfect as a card or insert into a frame to make a visual statement in any room. 





Each set also contains 6 brilliant bright white linen textured envelopes. With an elegant linen finish and formal square flap, measuring (5.25" x 7.25"). 




Retro Cards At HistoryGear.com

Cassettes - better than you don't remember 22:46

In this *Beginners Introduction to Compact Cassette* - I'm using Metal Tapes and Dolby S for the first time to see if a cassette tape really can sound 'almost as good as a CD'. Useful links below - click SHOW MORE to reveal.. eBay UK - Cassette Players http://goo.gl/awzyQR eBay US - Cassette Decks http://goo.gl/sfgahf If you are looking to buy the same model of machine I bought - the model is the Sony TC-S1 - this link will search for it on eBay UK http://goo.gl/leqEIP However the TC-S1 is part of the Sony Scala system and some people list it under this - so this link will look for the Sony Scala on eBay UK http://goo.gl/TUFz82 Whatever eBay search you are doing - it's advisable to expand it to include the rest of Europe - the prices and condition are often better if you source a machine from Germany, Austria, the Netherlands etc. Don't just search for Dolby S - as often this spec is not mentioned in the title of an auction. I *bought* my blank Metal Tapes from here: https://tapeline.info They sold out long ago. Here's the video I mention at the end, about the LAST AUDIO CASSETTE FACTORY: https://youtu.be/CMTpvr9HXeI If my video was too basic for you, don't complain, it's futile (the video has already been made and can't be changed now) - Instead you can head over to TAPEHEADS.NET and talk to the infinitely more knowledgeable people there about any tape related subject in detail http://www.tapeheads.net

  • Cassettes - be...
    In this *Beginners Introduction to Compact Cassette* - I'm usi...
The perfect gift for the audiophile in your life. 6 fine cards and envelopes illustrated with classic iconic buttons and knobs of the 70's and 80's. Volume 11 is just a click away.
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